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Jozet Jemz Interview

How A Desperate Birthday Search for "The Perfect Piece" Led to Her Destiny- Jozet Jemz 

Interview conducted by: Elizabeth Correia founder of D.E.V.A in you

She is a busy mother (of twins) and an Entrepreneur. A woman who understands the hustle and bustles of life and doesn't mind flowing along in the mix. I had the great privilege to meet and interview this beautiful woman at "Afternoon Tea" with Media Starlet; Kerryann Thomas, and she understood completely why she ended up designing her own accessories. 

Camille Bryan has a DREAM and won't stop until it's accomplished.

1. Tell me and The D.e.v.a Readers a little about your background? About You.
Born and raised in Toronto, I have been married for 12 years, and am a mother of four.  My mother was born in Trinidad and my father in Tobago, so I have the best of both islands!!  After high school I continued my education and studied Police Foundations because at that time I wanted to become a Police Officer.  After giving birth to my daughter I had a change of heart and decided that I no longer wanted a career that involved so much risk.

2. When did you realize you had a desire to design jewelery?

Three years ago this upcoming July my birthday was coming up and I had a fabulous outfit that I was planning on wearing. I searched high and low to find the perfect accessories.  I found that I was unable to find that unique statement  piece I searching for so I decided I would have to make it.  The first item that I made was a pair of earrings, basic in design, but unlike anything I have ever seen.

3. What do you think triggered this passion?

I have always had a love for accessories, but found that the unique factor that I desired was missing.  I felt that the jewelry industry needed a fresh prospective, something that would stand out from the rest and I am pleased that I have defiantly been able to achieve that.

4. I know you also have a passion for fashion. Can you tell me why you chose to get into jewelery designing instead of clothing design?

I got into jewelry design appose to fashion design because jewelry fits all body types and has no labels attached to it.  Although I love clothes, I didn't want to limit what I had to offer to one particular group of women.

5. Are you a Trend Setter or is there a particular person you highly admire; fashion wise and tend to mimic their dressing instead.

I am a Trend Setter.  I am a women who dresses for the moment.  I tend to dress based on the way that I feel that particular day.  I definitely march to the beat of my own drum!

6. Do you create all the pieces yourself?

I do create all my pieces by myself in my home studio.

7. What type of beads / stones / materials do you use? And where are they from?

I love to work with Metal,Yarn, Ribbon, Wood,Feathers and Semi Precious Stones. My Favorite Semi Precious Stones to work with are, Agate which would be found in Brazil,Egypt,India among many other countries, Coral which comes from the sea, Onyx which comes from India and South America.

8. Can you tell us about the most Unique piece you have?

The most unique piece I have made thus far was created using the waist of re-cycled jeans, seed glass beads and a copper chain.  I finished this piece with a T-clasp to the side.  It's a head turner!!

9. Any plans for a boutique in the near future? If so, where?

I would love to own a small boutique somewhere downtown Toronto in the future.
10. What are the future goals you have for Jozet Jemz?
I would like Jozet Jemz to be worn by women all over the country.  I would like my pieces to be worn on the red carpet and in fashion shows.  I want Jozet Jemz to be a respected name in the fashion industry.

11. Do you design pieces for brides? If so, what is the wedding trend right now? (Is it diamonds. pearls, crystals etc)

I do also design jewelry pieces for brides.  Rhinestones has been big for the last couple of years and now brides are becoming more daring with colored rhinestones.  Of course, The classic pearls is an item that will always be around. However, it's the brides day and what ever look they gravitate to will be fabulous!
12.How many pieces are in your collection to date?
 To date I have 125 pieces all hand made by me in my collection and growing as I am creating new pieces all the time.

13. Where can our readers view your beautiful pieces and how can they make a purchase or contact you?

You can find most of my collection at where you can purchase them via PayPal.  If you live in the Greater Toronto Area you can email me at and I could bring the pieces to you for a private viewing.
14. Do you do home parties and home deliveries as well? Can you explain to us what a "home party" would look like?

I love to showcase my pieces at home parties because it is more of an intimate setting.  What could be expected if you attend a Jozet Jemz home party is trying on neck pieces, bracelets and rings.  I feel it is just as important to try on jewelry as it is clothes! The hostess will get to choose a gift from an array of Jozet Jemz Jewelry.  I also discuss the benefits of wearing semi precious stones.  I deliver to anyone who lives in the Greater Toronto Area.

15. Lucky number #15. Last but not least. You have beautiful hair. Are there any special or secret products you use that you don't mind sharing with us? Many women struggle to keep their dreads as gorgeous and healthy as you do. What is your secret?

Why Thank you.  I have been growing my locs for four years and have learned that less is more! I tend not to use a ton of product.  I create my own hair oil using 100% Olive Oil and a couple drops of Peppermint essential oil.  I wash my hair once per week because my locs love the water! I do a hot oil treatment once per month and a ACV rinse once per month.  ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar (which could be found at your local grocery store) 1 cup of ACV to 4 cups of water is the measurement.  I soak my locs in that mixture, then wash it out.  ACV helps maintain the build up that could sometimes occur in dread locs.  Last but not least I ALWAYS cover my hair when at home. 

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