Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Men's Lava and Onyx Necklace

This was a custom piece that I created using onyx and lava beads.  I will not duplicate this exact piece, but anyone interested in a necklace like this can defiantly contact me at  This neck piece can be worn by both a man or woman.



  • Increases hormonal balance
  • Helps with objectivity and making intelligent decisions
  • Helps hearing problems, heart trouble and ulcers
  • Zodiac sign of Leo and Capricorn
  • Associated with the 7th year of marriage
  • Black onyx is associated with the 10yr of marriage
  • Helps treat Kidney, nerve and eye ailments
  • Good if your under stress or having trouble sleeping
  • Widely used to treat epilepsy, depression, one marrow, blood disorders, teeth, bone and hair
  • Eliminates negative thinking
  • Protects from negative influences and forces
  • Brings spiritual inspiration, courage, concentration, steadfastness, permanence and self control to the wearer


  • Gives strength(physical and mental) when facing difficult situations
  • Helps bring clarity
  • Promotes fertility
  • Brings stability

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